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March 24, 2008

Include non-citizens in fiance scheme

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THE Housing Board’s Fiance/Fiancee Scheme should consider including citizens who are dating non-citizens or non-permanent residents. My fiancee and I have been dating for the past six years after we met as undergraduates while I was studying abroad.

We want to get married next year but we found out that we did not qualify for the scheme, in which Singaporeans with partners who are permanent residents qualify. My fiancee is a graduate and it is only a matter of time before she obtains her PR because we’re certain she can get a job here. But we wish to settle into a home first, to prepare for marriage and for my fiancee to find a job. Staying with my parents is unfeasible because there is no space in their flat. Renting a flat is a burden for couples like us who are just starting out.

Can’t the HDB consider the plight of young couples like us, committed to marriage and to settling down in Singapore?

With the increasing number of Singaporeans studying abroad, couples like us, where one is a foreigner, may not be uncommon any longer. If the aim of the scheme is to help young couples find a place to live, we should be eligible as well.

Ang Kin Leong

Source : Straits Times – 12 Mar 2008


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